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  • About 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票

    Achieve Your Ideas.

    Company profile

  • 1996/11Founded:

  • >7000employees:

  • Taoyuan, TaiwanHeadquarters:

  • USA, Japan, Singapore, Beijing, Chongqing, Germanylocations:

  • Taiwan, China (Kunshan, Dongguan, Suzhou), the Philippines, VietnamProduction:

  • Fine Pitch, high precision connectors for computers, communications and other equipment Products:

  • ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996, TL 9000, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, QC 080000Certified:

  • Focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of electronic connectors, 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 is based in Taiwan, making the most in Greater China, with head offices in Taoyuan and production bases in China's Dongguan, Kunshan and Chongqing, 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 is combining the elites of the industry to connect dreams and technology with common beliefs and macroscopic visions.

    Specializes in connectors for consumer products including NB, mobile phones and digital cameras, 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 has a complete product line and specifications, solid R&D technology and professionalism, all in one shot from injection molding, stamping to finished goods. This not only shortens the development greatly improving the production capacity and quality but also satisfies the changing market demands let alone the development of high-frequency, electronic components for automotive equipment in more diversified sectors with its own key technologies.

    In 2015, 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 began pursuing horizontal and vertical industry integration. In addition to establishing the Galis electroplating factory, it aligned with ""Dadi Electric"" in making automobile wiring harness together with ""Dadi Electric"" and “MEC IMEX INC”. for the consumer and industrial wire and cable markets. The goal was to integrate technology and energy, enhance the competitiveness of the group and provide customers with a full range of products and services.

    The 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 Group is committed to earning more recognition and trust from the leading global brands with their quality, capacity and delivery of integrated services in the future. With continuous technology breakthroughs and advancement, it aims to create an even brighter future based on global presence and vision of being the "connector industry leader."
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  • History

    1. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 Electronics established

    2. •Start to manufacture and produce

    3. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票-Singapore established

    4. •Dongguan new factory preparation

    5. •Shanghai office establishe

    6. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (Dongguan) established

    7. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (Kunshan) established

    8. •Taiwan business headquarter established

    9. •Stock listed on Taiwan Trade Center for emerging stock

    10. •The first phase of 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (KS) second factory (Chinyang) is finished

    11. •The second phase of 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (KS) second factory (Chinyang) is finished

    12. •The third phase of 博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (KS) second factory (Chinyang) is finished

    13. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 stock is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

    14. • Kunshan commercial trading established

    15. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票 (Chongquing) established

    16. •PEC established

    17. •博猫游戏下载_博猫彩票官网注册账号_博猫彩票-Japan established

    18. •Galis Electroplating Factory established

    19. •Mergers and acquisitions MEC IMEX INC. (Cable)

    20. •Invent NTGEC (Car cables)

    21. •Acquired CPC

    22. •Sales Revenue USD250M

    23. •Acquired Kuang Ying Computer Equipment Co., Ltd.